The effective protection of minors and a commitment to ensure their human and spiritual development, in keeping with the dignity of the human person, are integral parts of the Gospel message that the Church and all members of the faithful are called to spread throughout the world. Many painful actions have caused a profound examination of conscience for the entire Church, leading us to request forgiveness from the victims and from our society for the harm that has been caused. This response to these actions is the firm beginning for initiatives of many different types, which are intended to repair the damage, to attain justice, and to prevent, by all means possible, the recurrence of similar incidents in the future.

Pope Francis


Our Safeguarding Culture of Care
“What we now call safeguarding – how we keep all, especially children and vulnerable adults, safe within our Catholic community – comes from the very heart of God’s love made incarnate in his Son, Jesus Christ Our Lord.”

To report a Safeguarding concern, please contact:
Our Safeguarding Co-ordinator:
Telephone: 01355 224511
Email address:

Diocesan Safeguarding office: 01698 269114
In the event of an emergency, if someone is in immediate risk of harm, YOU SHOULD CONTACT THE POLICE.

For more information on Safeguarding within the Catholic Church in Scotland please visit the web page below: